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A Guyanese Breakfast

Saltfish & Bake-Guyana Dining

When you mention the word “Breakfast” to a Guyanese,  Waffles, Bagles and Cereal does NOT come to mind. What comes to mind is more than likely Dishes like Saltfish and Bakes, Baigan Choka and Roti, Pumpkin and Sada Roti, Pepper-pot and Freshly Baked bread and the list can go on and on. If on the run it might be Cassava Ball, Eggball, Puri and Fishcake, Roti and Curry.  If you are in the Interior (Rainforest or Hinterland villages) it might be ground provision with Tuma Pot (a Traditional Amerindian Soup like dish containing fish and meat).

If you are counting Calories, then a Guyanese breakfast is definitely NOT for you. Why such heavy food? Well it’s due to the fact that  Guyana’s economy in the old days was mainly dependent on Sugar and Rice cultivation. That meant workers having to wake up very early and working for long hours in the field. I can bet Cereal would not have cut it.

These days Guyanese are more health Conscious, so our Breakfast menus now include Cream of Wheat,  Whole Wheat bread, Yogurt and abundance of fresh local fruit and yes even Cereal. Nevertheless those yummy traditional dishes are still served on Sundays or special occasions and can be ordered in most Hotels and creole restaurants around the country.


  • Terrible writing
    Eggball, Puri and Fishcake who makes that for breakfast?

    Get you info right

    you dont need to go to the interior to eat ground provision in the morning. You just east the left overs that (that everyone makes) the next morning. You heat some oil and you quickly fry the left overovers

    and yes lost of people ate parrige (porridge, lots of different types in Guyana) in the morning, the equivalent of cereal

    • What an idiot you are!!! The article says people grab that for breakfast if they are on the run. Which is exactly what people buy at the little snackettes or road side set-ups in the morning.

  • Thank you, thank you for providing tested and tried, true Guyanese recipes for us. Much gratitude for this website. Keep up the great work!

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