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Cassava Pone Recipe

Cassava pone recipe

Cassava pone is a Caribbean delicacy made from cassava and used fairly often. the pone is a sweet treat and it is not a cake or a pudding but somewhat in between and is made from root vegetables.

2 medium size sweet cassava
1 small dried coconut
30g butter or margarine
150g sugar
2g spice & black pepper
3ml essence
2g salt

Peel,wash,grate and mix cassava and coconut.
Work in the butter with a fork.
Add sugar and flavouring (spice and black pepper) and enough water to bind stiffly.
Put the mixture in a greased dripping pan. It should be about 1″ thick.
Baked in a moderate oven until crisp and brown on top.
Cut into squares before serving.



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