Sweet Treats

Condense Milk Cheesecake

3 eggs yolks
1 egg
50g condense milk
50g plain flour-sieved
100 g cream cheese
35ml canola oil
3 egg whites
45g castor sugar
1 tsp lemon juice

1)Grease and line the bottom of a 6″ round tin, lightly grease the sides too.
2)Preheat oven at 150c.
3)Melt cream cheese in double Boiler ( put cream cheese in glass bowl over boiling water on stove) . Once melted,whisk lightly to a smooth consistency. Set aside.
4)Mix yolk, 1 egg and condense milk until well combined. Set aside.
5)Heat oil over stove. Once done,drizzle sieved flour and quickly mix to a smooth paste. Set aside.
6)Pour yolk mixture into the cream cheese,mix well,
7) add  flour mixture,whisk until well combine. set aside.
8)Beat egg whites until foamy, add  lemon juice,  add sugar in three batches.Continue beating until it attains stiff peaks.
9)Fold in meringue to the yolk mixture by several batches.Be sure to fold until you don’t see any streaks of meringue.
10)Pour batter into baking pan and tap a few time on a table to remove air bubbles.
11)Set to bake in  waterbath at 150c for 30 minutes,then 130c for another 75 minutes.
12)Once done,upturn and cool for 5 minutes,then turn over back onto a platter to cool completely.

Notes: Waterbath: add water to a roasting pan Just below the rim. place baking pan in the roasting pan.



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