Java Coffee Bar Review

Java Coffee Bar

What’s brewing! When visit Guyana gets a coffee and cake craving our first stop is the java coffee bar located in the Sharon’s mall. Just follow your nose when you arrive, that fresh bakery smell will lead the way!

What else do we love?  We love the menu variety! There’s salads, wraps, sandwiches, pastries, beverages and sweet treats….everything tastes home made and is presented well. The service is fast and the staff friendly.

We heard someone describe it as “..that little coffee shop where the drinks are  refreshing and the atmosphere totally warm and inviting..” and we definitely agree. Another thing we  love about the menu is that it contains lots of healthy options, making full use of local fruit and veggies..but in totally unique ways.

Now onto the place….while it’s not huge, It’s perfectly cosy. A wonderful spot for a first date, to chill with your best buddies , or the place to go if you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying. …no joke….their milkshakes and cheesecakes are to die for!

That said, visit Guyana was privileged to have a chat with one half of the husband and wife duo, owner Mrs. Evie Gurchuran. (Her husband is Mr. Miguel Gurchuran). Read on:

VG: How did you guys come up with the name “the Java coffee bar”
Evie :  We wanted a catchy name and one synonymous with coffee, so I suggested Java. Coffee bar is really to give the idea of the various amounts of coffee drinks available, my husband who has spent all his career in the IT field totally agreed (Java is a programming language) so it applied to both of us.

VG: What’s your personal favourite item on the menu?
Evie: My personal favorite item on the menu is the Christmas Hot Chocolate, it’s one of our signature drinks that I personally developed. It has toasted marshmallows and chocolate sauce, it makes me think of my niece in NY, her daddy buys her a hot chocolate with marshmallows every time she brings home a good report card. 🙂

VG: What inspired you and your husband to open the java coffee bar?
Evie: The Java Coffee Bar is a pet project that my husband (Miguel Gurchuran) had often spoken about. I myself developed a deep passion for the coffee culture when I was a volunteer in North Africa and Libya, there is no alcohol in the primarily Muslim countries I visited so the afternoon ritual was visiting the tea, coffee or hookah shops. I also worked in a coffee shop for a while and I have always wanted to have my own place. My husband…he just  loves the coffee shop smells and food!VG: Share with us a bit more about the coffee we can get at the cafe:
Evie: Our Coffees are imported in batches to preserve freshness. It is roasted when we order and takes a week to get to Guyana. We import organic, sustainable, free trade coffee from a variety of regions. The Java Jampit is our main feature , its  sweet, with notes of almond, light honey and peach nectar, it is tea-like with chocolate overtones, very delicate and soft.Thank you for facilitating us Evie….We encourage all our fans to check out this truly unique coffee bar.
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Guyana Dining’s Final Verdict:
Food: excellent
Service: excellent
Value: Excellent
Atmosphere: Excellent
Overall Verdict: A+

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