The Publik Wing and Burger house Review

Today Guyana Dining  paid a visit to the newly opened Publik Wing and Burger House located in the Bella vista mall on Duncan street . The Publik is owned by popular entertainment promoter Sean Major who also happens to be the chief chef about a man with many talents!

In spite of the fact the publik is not as large as some franchises carrying burgers and wings, it’s definitely big on personality .  You’ll be rightly impressed by its modern decor and colors  and fun sporty atmosphere.  What really caught our eye was the fact that the servers and staff all seemed to be having a great time. They were all smiling, courteous and friendly.  Not something we can say for the staff of many other joints in GT.

Now on to the star of the place…the food! We had the wings with two different sauces (there are actually 11 you can choose from ! ) ..the holy moly chipotle and the kickin Thai chili. (The clever names alone will make u wanna give em a try)

Now…many places claim to have great wings…..but let me tell you….you have not tasted  great wings until u taste publik wings….juicy, moist and a great mix of tangy, sweet and spicy….it’s a wonderland of flavor …trust us, your taste buds will thank you.  They certainly made THIS wing lover happy.

After that flavour fest we could not pass up on trying the burgers and fries…..and they did not disappoint.

The burger meat was incredibly seasoned and tasty, and when combined with publik special sauce and delicious toppings like the Carmalized red onions, Gouda cheese, sautéed mushrooms and lemon aioli, truly made these burgers over the top tasty. You’ll also love that the fries are freshly made, crispy (none of that frozen stuff) …Oh the best part…the food was Hot!

Our final word? Burger and wing perfection!  Go, go, go. The Publik is open every day except Sunday from 11:30am , The grill will be open for  Gourmet Burgers until 6pm.Wings will be available until 9pm. Delivery is also available at the Publik on Telephone number 653.9200.

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