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Mom….my tongue is smiling! That was my daughter’s first comment after tasting the red velvet frozen yogurt at the yog yog frozen yogurt bar located at 79 Albert and Laluni Streets, Queenstown.  Red velvet incidentally happens to be just one of over 150 flavours available which change on a weekly basis. On our visit, flavours included, Irish cream, death by chocolate ( which we learnt was a favourite of the kids) , mango and  soursop (my personal favourite). The yogurt is absolute pure bliss, particularly for a non ice cream lover like myself.

In a country currently going through a health boom, with people making a more conscious effort to exercise and eat right and where  diabetes is way too prevalent, yog yog could not have opened at a more suitable time.

The business, located at the corner of Albert and Laluni streets, Queenstown, next door to Nimbus Water, retails the frozen treat at just $100 per ounce.

We sat down with owner Mrs. Gail Russel to learn more about yog yog.

IMG_0552-185x185Why a yogurt bar? We had the space for many years and decided we should do something with it. It had to be family friendly. My husband’s  first suggestion was how about a burger joint? That was a big no, no….since Being someone who does not eat fast food, I could not sincerely open any kind of fast food place.

 I was in Canada and a brand new yogurt bar had just opened where I was staying….I fell in love with the self serve concept immediately. That coupled with the fact that it was healthy closed the deal. I told my husband, lets open a yogurt bar and 8 months later yog yog was born.

10277329_650601934987613_4877235402295321588_nWhy is it a healthy option? It’s basically less than half the amount of calories found in ice cream.  An ounce of frozen yogurt is 80 calories in comparison to an ounce of ice cream, which is 280 calories.

In addition to that we have available tons of healthy toppings such as fruit and grains. For diabetics there are two flavours to choose from daily made with Splenda.

Any Plans for the future?  we do plan to expand and open other branches outside of Georgetown. 

What would you tell our Readers?  Whether you are a health nut or not, Whether you live in Guyana or you are just visiting , add YOG YOG to your list of “Go To Places” for that Quick and healthy Sweet tooth fix.

Vist Guyana Could not agree more!

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Article by: Stacey Rahaman, Co-Owner Visit Guyana

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